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Peter Parker "Spider-Man"

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Peter Parker "Spider-Man" MBTI type











SJ [2%]
SP [3%]
NT [45%]
NF [49%]

Breakdown of 91 votes

INTP   (35)

The Architect

ENFP   (27)

The Champion

INFP   (16)

The Healer

ENTP   (5)

The Inventor

INFJ   (2)

The Counselor

ESFJ   (1)

The Provider

ESFP   (1)

The Performer

ESTP   (1)

The Promoter

INTJ   (1)

The Mastermind

ISFP   (1)

The Composer

ISTJ   (1)

The Inspector





December 12, 2017

Think about it. ESTP: he talks during fights, he has ultimate spider sense, he's incredibly smart, and is fairly disorganized. Remember, Peter Parker originally wanted to be a stage performer until his uncle Ben died!


September 14, 2017

Just saw Homecoming, and yeah I'd say he's an ENFP 7w6. Ne-dom because he's all over the place due to excitement of ideas, and constantly getting carried away by them. He definitely is more excited by the idea of doing things than actually doing them for the experience, and is forward-thinking to a fault, shown by how he was always dreaming of who he could be rather than who he was at the moment. He was very scatter-brained in that regard. Auxiliary Fi because he never really wanted to harm anyone, and the first thing on his mind after a fight was always "is anyone hurt?" rather than "darn, the villain got away", and he even tried to save the vulture guy at the end while he could have easily just left him to die. And, would a thinker really dare a villain to point the gun at him, risking his life, in order to save another villain? I don't think so.


September 15, 2017


I can buy this reasoning. I think everyone has convinced me to leave the INTP stereotype behind. (Although in Civil War, I don't think the ENFP was AS evident.)

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August 4, 2017

Wouldn't his Spider Sense be the ultimate Se?


August 4, 2017

But does a super power relate to a personality? What was his personality before gaining Spider Sense? And did it change overnight because of this? I'm of the opinion that this shouldn't really affect his MBTI profile.

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October 5, 2017

@Kicking Lettuce

In old Marvel comics, of which Spider-man certainly belongs, powers were made to be extensions of the characters personality. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were very vocal on this point. So the Se function is a major clue to personality traits.


October 5, 2017


This is an extremely valid point. However, this Spider-Man, though based off of the original incarnation, is not the Spider-Man of the comics, strictly speaking. Those that produce the movie have their own interpretation​ of the character.

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October 12, 2017

@Kicking Lettuce

Fair enough.


July 10, 2017

"INTP" :'). Where is his Ti? I don't see logical mind patterns




July 20, 2017

Very heavy Ne user that sticks to his values. The whole finding himself and being true to the self is also very Fi. Cannot fathom INFP bc he's not an Fi dom at all (very impulsive and creative) / not an introvert and definitely not INTP


August 14, 2017

Yup. His Fi is absurd. Also he's extremely extravert: he suffers so much from isolation that he starts talking to his suit. He doesn't follow logic at all, but his values and what he feels as morally "right or wrong" (as he says in the movie), and this is basically the definition of Fi. People say he's INTP only because he's a stereotyped nerd, but his Ne and Fi are really clear.
(Oh, not every INTP is a nerd, and not every nerd is INTP)


July 10, 2017

He is an INTP in the comics and in the Sam Raimi universe, but Tom Holland's Spiderman is very ENFP in nature. His character arc in the film revolves around maturing his tertiary Te: From "I'm nothing without this suit!," to a more mature realization that his passion and bravery is what makes him a hero. Also, he is very committed to his personal value system which suggests more Fi than Fe, especially because he sidesteps the social pressure to fit in and be popular by never revealing his identity or using Spiderman as a party trick. His general eagerness brings Aang, another fictional ENFP, to mind.


October 21, 2016

Fi dom

Are you sure about this?