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SJ [4%]
NT [96%]

Breakdown of 83 votes

ENTP   (57)

The Inventor

INTP   (20)

The Architect

ENTJ   (2)

The Field Marshal

ISTJ   (2)

The Inspector

INTJ   (1)

The Mastermind

ISFJ   (1)

The Protector





February 7, 2018

i think rick's position on love and social interaction shows that he's more of an INTP than ENTP. sure he loves parties and stuff but he doesnt view emotion, compassion, or any sort of non-logical emotion to be worth it. because of this i think its unfair to say hes TRULY ENTP


November 5, 2017

Reasons why Rick is Not an ENTP:

I underatand the confusion because the INTP and ENTP share the same functions in similar orders. Also, because Rick can be seen effortlessly using introverted thinking and extroverted intuition throughout the show. This makes sense as he is around 70 years old and has had ample time to develop those functions. However, to understand why he is an INTP, we need to understand the deep differences between how INTP and ENTP usually function.

Rick is not an extrovert because he has the INTP tendency to switch between an extremely social person (hosting parties, talking to others with ease) and complete anti-social behavior (killing others, cursing at strangers, etc.). This is because INTPs have inferior extroverted feeling, causing them to have strong desire for social connection but also drive others away, especially when in their ‘Ti mode’. This is more adequately pronounced when you see the shifts between Rick’s ‘love’ for his family and how he can seam


November 5, 2017

to not care about them at all. Rick’s extroverted feeling seems to arise when tested but otherwise, is withdrawn from the surface of his adventures. This is different from ENTPs, who tend to have their sociability be more present. Finally, Rick keeps a very small, close circle consisting of his family and a few outside friends, who he barely interacts with, which is very typical of introverts.Rick also does not embody the pure randomness of extroverted intuition (Ne) like other ENTPs. His adventures are fueled by extroverted intuition, helping him navigate through situations but is ultimately supplemental to his introverted thinking. Rick doesn’t improvise as his primary method, but goes in with an idea of how things will go (represented by his introverted thinking) and will stick with it until that idea breaks down and then begins improvising. As soon as Rick has a grasp on the realities of his new situation however, he creates a new theory to stand on and rides along the adventure on


November 5, 2017

Deducting ideas based on nearly everything he sees is very typical of INTPs, which is different from ENTPs who may encounter many ideas but not feel compelled to create any logical deductions unless they felt the need to.


January 27, 2018


Stereotypes you talked about are valid for ENTPs and much less for INTPs.

Are you sure about this?