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SJ [14%]
SP [5%]
NT [24%]
NF [57%]

Breakdown of 58 votes

INFP   (17)

The Healer

INFJ   (16)

The Counselor

INTP   (14)

The Architect

ISFJ   (5)

The Protector

ISTJ   (3)

The Inspector

ISFP   (2)

The Composer

ISTP   (1)

The Crafter





January 30, 2018

Why INFP???????? He was committed and responsible and introvert and not intuitive just like hana.


July 29, 2017

I have a different one: I think he is ISTJ: He always referring to his Si; thinking about memories of Hannah. Usually never comes out of his comfort zone. (I find ISTJs naturally very withdrawn, but become more outgoing with experience and age) His secondary is Te; look at how many times he comes with facts as arguments flor life choices (why he would not climb that wall or wears a helmet). Also they are usually very unaware of of connections of how other people behave; that he was not very quick with noticing that hannah liked him and was totally surprised that tony is gay. Both INFJs and INFPs are more observant like that.
He refers to Fi when he does not find the answers in facts and memories, daydreaming. And only started noticing patterns when he actually heard the tapes inferior Ne.


June 28, 2017

I think Clay is more P than he is J. This is regardless of my type entirely but if you have watched 13 Reasons Why who might agree. You do see Clay whilst listening to the tapes go out at night or wherever to where Hannah tells him to. He doesn't spend any time planning to go there: he just goes. Like, when he's in school he will get any chance it takes to keep listening to the tapes, he doesn't plan when he's going to. That might be a bit irrelevant but still.

Also, like most Perceiving types, his room is quite messy and unorganized in some of the episodes.

Although, when everything comes down to it, he is quite logical in everything, but does tend to make those rash decisions which I think overwrite his 'grounded' ways partly.


June 30, 2017

I'd advise you to go a bit more in depth about the MBTI, dichotomies won't give you an accurate result and this reasoning is actually false considering the fact that introverted perceivers are actually Judgers. Jungian functions will help you quite a lot (it's that Ti, Fe, Se thing)


May 13, 2017

He is a high Ti user. That's how I see him. He wants to analyse the situation. He wants to actually listen carefully to the tapes. Like, every detail. He cares about the reasons. He is not like other Te characters (She died and nothing can change it), he cares about all the information he can take.




May 1, 2017

Very clear Ti and Ne. He's emotional because of the traumatic events that occur but that doesn't mean he's a feeler. Displays strong logic and Ne comes with his quirky thoughts and habits. The party scene where he starts talking about the superheros is one example. INTP profile fits too with the always reclusive and ticked off look.


April 28, 2017

Ok, the thing with Clay is that I see Fi all over the place but at the same time he seems like an IxxJ. I can see the argument for INFJ because he really does seem more like a feeler than a thinker and more like a judger than a perceiver, but where's the Fe? He doesn't like sharing his emotions with others and is absolute trash at reading other people's emotions (like when Hannah tries to tell him that she's upset and he ends up offending her even more, which happens several times). He cares much more about his own values and emotions than social harmony or making other people feel good, and he really only cares about the happiness of the few people he cares about. When he learns about what the others did to Hannah, he basically says "screw them, screw the good of the group, Hannah's happiness matters more to me than their happiness". That really doesn't seem like Fe at all.


April 28, 2017

The argument for ISFJ falls short in the same area as INFJ, except for the fact that Clay DOES seem to be an Si user. He focuses so much on the details of the tapes, getting so absorbed in them that he can't take it all in at once and see the big picture. He has to work his way through each tape slowly before he can move on to the next. Each tape also causes him to have flashbacks to his time spent with Hannah. So, it really does seem like he has more Si than Ni, but also more Fi than Fe. He also seems to be more intuitive than sensing (the superpower conversation, his interest in fantasy books, his nerdy comments and ability to draw connections between ideas, his constant existential crisis'). That then leads me to the conclusion that he's an unhealthy INFP, possibly in some kind of Fi-Si loop. Fi and Si are the two main functions I see in him, and he seems overall like an intuitive, so this seems like the most logical conclusion.


April 28, 2017

And also, enneagram-wise I think he might be a 6w5, which would explain his developed Si (for an INFP) and also why he seems more like a judger than a perceiver. (Also, sorry for the wall of text, but I really wanted to get all of my thoughts across.)




April 22, 2017

I : super introverted. N: always seeking for answers, not solely in the moment. Though he does make impulsive decisions at times, he is overall intuitive. F: pretty obvious, especially in the circumstances. Emotional through most of the series. He is smart, but is more in tune with feeling over thinking. J: Despite his feelings, he is still very down to earth. Sees things very logically.

Still, only opinion, and I'm no expert.

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