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Dean Winchester

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Dean Winchester MBTI type











SJ [49%]
SP [19%]
NT [30%]
NF [2%]

Breakdown of 47 votes

ESTJ   (17)

The Supervisor

ENTJ   (13)

The Field Marshal

ESTP   (8)

The Promoter

ESFJ   (6)

The Provider

ENFJ   (1)

The Teacher

ENTP   (1)

The Inventor

ISTP   (1)

The Crafter



July 17, 2016

Btw he's not a FP Or a P at all. He's most certainly a ExTJ. He's not guided by feelings he's guided by logic. He's too cold to be a feeling type and he's too hard hearted. And he's definitely not a perception type because he's very decisive and quick to make a move.
This is not to say that ENTJs have no feelings, it's that ENTJs don't show feelings. ENTJs feel naked and exposed when publicly displaying feelings. It's Inferior to them. Also he's well matured and seasoned and when a ENTJ is seasoned they can be mistaken for a FP because as we age we become stronger in our shadow functions.


May 31, 2017

How is dean an intuitive? Every decision he makes us based souley on what he knows and the way his father did things, that would be a high Si way of dealing with things not Ni


July 17, 2016

This one is difficult he could be a ENTJ or an ESTJ
But he's probably a ENTJ knowing that we have hard hearts but strong love for the one's that are close to us. Also we are environmental, we may come off careless and reckless in conversation but deep down in allot of things matter to us, though we may not speak of them. We seek for power to assume control of our own destiny, after we have gone this far it is likely we will seek out people to teach or help them develop to strengthen our environment. Well at least a ENTJ out of Good intentions will do this.

Are you sure about this?